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Basse Copette provides luxury gite accommodation in Normandy, France, throughout the year

A Burnt Image

I have a folder full of all sorts of cards and pictures that children have made while they were here and then given me when they left. I simply can not throw away these wonderful tokens of appreciation – and some of them can be seen on various pages of this website. A couple of artists have also given me paintings; a water colour of my cat springs to mind. I also have some wonderful pages in the Visitors Book. All of these have been created on paper, so imagine my surprise and delight when I went into the gîte on Monday morning to prepare it for the next group of guests and I looked into the fireplace. There on the side was an upright log with a cheerful face ‘burned’ into the wood. I do not suppose I am going to be able to fit this into the folder, so we will see how long it lasts there!

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